food apps

The Best Applications For Food Lovers

One of the great advantages of smartphones is that there are applications for absolutely everything. For those who love food in general, whether to go out to visit a new restaurant or to cook an innovative recipe they saw on the web, there are many apps that will help make these activities and many others in the simplest way possible.

food apps

Just enough to do a small search in your app store to realize that there are hundreds of applications that have to do with food, from games that make you take an ice cream parlour, going through helpers to get recipes of all kinds, and ending in counters of calories and nutritional information of what you eat. More interesting food apps than simply taking pictures of your dinner to send to Instagram. But, to save you the work of research, we have compiled the 3 best apps for foodies that you can find.


Although many users download MyFitnessPal as an assistant to count calories, the truth is that this application is much more than that. First, you have a giant database that allows you to count almost any dish or ingredient, which can be obtained by doing a search by name (either in Spanish or English) or by scanning the barcode of what you are going to eat. And if what you want is to create a recipe for chocolate cookies, for example, you just have to look for each ingredient that you will use, place the quantities, and the application will tell you what nutritional information each cookie that you eat has.

MyFitnessPal has many possibilities because it really makes you aware of what you are eating, not only by counting calories but by showing how much fat, protein, sugar, fibre and sodium you are consuming. For those who want to know if they are eating well, even if they do not want to lose weight, it is a good helper. And for those who want to learn to eat a more balanced and nutritious diet, this application is perfect. You can install MyFitnessPal on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, but you can also use it on the web.


We had talked to them before BigOven when we tried to teach them how to have a more organized home. This application (which is available in the browser, Android, Kindle, iOS, Windows Phone, Nook and Windows) is perfect for planning the meals you prepare during the week. In it, you can search for recipes that have been uploaded by other people in the community or create your own. After this, you can make a planned menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Finally, with all the recipes included in the menu, there is the possibility of creating a list of groceries to buy everything you need. BigOven is free but also has a subscription of US $ 1.99 per month that gives some additional options such as saving unlimited recipes, remove advertising and see the nutritional information of what you eat.


AllTheCooks is a great community for people who love food, whether they are experienced chefs or novices. All the recipes are generated by the people who use the application and take a picture of the food they have created. Each recipe has multiple photographs of step by step and how it fits other people who tried to prepare it. It will also show the ingredients, nutritional information, instructions, related recipes, reviews of other users and even questions if there is any doubt.

The best thing of all is that you can see everything without having to create an account, although you will need it to take advantage of some advantages like uploading your own recipes, add the lists of ingredients to a shopping list and plan when you are going to prepare something. AllTheCooks is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and the web.